Camera Toss photography by Jens Ludwig / QuakkauQ
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Multi-photographer Camera Toss Group Collaboration Theme #1


The results from Theme #1: Shared Source


Here are some of the results from the first flickr Camera Toss Group project.


All participants used for these images the same target image as a light source.

More about that project and all the camera toss photos here:

David Hull - Kinetic 1052 - James Dean

Camera Toss Photo: David Hull (mtnrockdhh)

Title: Kinetic 1052 - James Dean

Ryan Gallagher - shared source project, theme #1

Camera Toss Photo: Ryan Gallagher (clickykbd)

Title: shared source project, theme #1

Nathan Barrow - Shared Source Toss 3

Camera Toss Photo: Nathan Barrow (inF!)

Title: Shared Source Toss 3

Mick Logan - Jumping Rope 2008

Camera Toss Photo: Mick Logan (mick l)

Title: Jumping Rope 2008

John - What's on Dish?

Camera Toss Photo: John (jahdakine)

Title: "What's on Dish?"

Jens Ludwig - Untitled

Camera Toss Photo: Jens Ludwig (QuakkauQ)

Title: Untitled